GreatRinChan Updates and Insights #202303

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First of all, sorry for not having any major updates for so long. 🙇‍♀️

You probably already know from my previous tweets that my health may not be judiciously optimistic. (Although I’m not so much as to die a violent death recently 🙂 As well, I recently had to complete my driving license examination before the expiration date of my study certificate (I have less than five months to go, so I need to hurry up 😂). Perhaps I am the type of person who is easily distracted by things that come later.

Here’s what I’m asking myself, and you’re welcome to add more questions for me to answer.


The beginning of this time to do so?

If you experienced my first experimental work (That is called GoddessTravel), you may have noticed that the positions of the two characters (Just Kagura and Rin , they are of course also the protagonist in this work 😃) seemed to swap with each other as the process progressed.


So after the conclusion of the development of the previous work in a nutshell, the idea of a new work in which Rin is the protagonist from the beginning began to take shape.

So, the stage this time will be ……

(Here it is not like the game with the first-person narrative. And I’m trying hard not to spoil too much 😂)

In a continent with a long history, the strongest are the two kingdoms that are divided on both sides of the continent, Hermius and Collapsia. (I have to admit that I am very bad at naming ……)
They had a long history of hostility over land, resources and population, and the two sides have broken out into many wars. Until she came along.


Strangely enough, the legends that have come down to us about her are diverse. Some describe her as having used her absolute superiority to bring about a peace treaty between two kingdoms, while others depict her as having directly destroyed the continent and then rebuilt the kingdoms and people who had submitted to her on the ruins. However, in one point, the versions tacitly agree, they all call this God’s messenger shrine maiden as Kagura.

Time has passed, and most of the people in this land are involved in reincarnation as usual, but some seem to have forgotten the teachings of the tales, and so the peace that lasted for close to a thousand years is once again broken.


There is a village on an island on this continent. Legend has it that it is the place where the goddess descended a thousand years ago. In this village, which is not unlike any other, there are two special girls. The Shrine Maiden Kagura (Is it a coincidence that she has the same name as the legendary goddess?) and Rin. Her characteristics well …… this will be clear, she is much larger than the people around. 😆

Just when the villagers were getting used to being around Rin like a child, a series of strange things happened to her. This time they were like delicate little toys around her.


Although, no one knows if this will be her final form …

Some bright ideas in the crafting process?

Whether all these ideas can be realized or not, let’s write them down first.

Side stories


Outside of the two main paths that are likely to separate, there seems to be plenty of room for the story to play out. Such as Rin and Kagura’s interaction, helping Rin and Kagura completing their eariler stories, play as another tiny who adapted by Rin (She might not be as gentle with others as she was with Kagura?) and more… (If Patreon supporters have ideas, it’s not impossible to add them to the game. Then we need to solve the problem of character design since there isn’t a standalone character generator…)

Alternative custome

Although many of the pictures I’ve published recently have been of different costume change poses, I didn’t think about it when I first started making this. The source files of some scenarios may also need to be re-edited due to changes in directory locations. Finally, I haven’t found a suitable way to load different images in RPGMaker …

If there are any bright ideas later, I’ll introduce them to you in the next update. 🙂

So, is there any expectation for the next update release time?

It’s not quite guaranteed, but I’m hoping to release the next update in June. (It could also be an update where the length of the main storyline is shortened instead 😂 because I wanted to add to the previous story.) So remember to stay in touch ~


Then, the Great Rin Chan is coming to conquer the world ~

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