GreatRinChan Updates and Insights #202307

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There are a lot of changes I have to take care of on my own …

Last article about updates is available at .

There needs to be an order of priority… 😶‍🌫️

Since Rin Chan will grow to be about the size of a small city, the next chapter is quite naturally about her interactions with the city. In the planning, this part I intend to make into a fusion form similar to the other two works I have experience with. (Satori Simulator and Forbidden Play G. Of course you might think the front is paying all sorts of homage as well :-)) Rin could move on the map and experience various events in different situations , as well as causing different results and repercussions. And I would release next major update if I have finished first stage of this Chapter.

And then I got stagnant for reasons that include, but are not limited to, my inability to design maps, my lack of literary talent to write lines, my inability to imagine the possibilities of not causing havoc and panic with such a large disparity in size, and so on. 😂 Then I added a couple minutes to the previous episodes. 🙃

While if more people want to get a taste of the updated plot first ,I can go ahead and change my localization file. This one will probably be decided by looking at the results of the poll below (Or on my Patreon post page) .

I’m trying to get some help. 🙇‍♀️

  • Current character image of Rin and Kagura are generate through RPG Maker MV’s bundled character create tool, If I get a chance, could I ask someone to help me draw a character drawing that more closely resembles the look of the model I used in the scene picture, maybe it would be more relatable?
  • As well as I would like some guidance on how to place map elements, if any.
  • 🥲 There really is a limit to what one person can do…

More (and maybe some will never be accomplished) plans 🙃

Imagination alone might not be enough ……

But I’ll write it down just in case I might forget. 😂

  • What if there was a scene reviewing past stories and pictures?
    • Wouldn’t it be more interesting to add comments from the game’s characters or even the author?

Some depressing thoughts. 😔

You may have noticed some of them on my Twitter 🙁


— FooBarz076 🦊 (@barz076) June 21, 2023

Even if I’m not a gamer who enjoys watching gameplay flow videos and a writer who wants more people to experience (rather than watch other people experience) my work directly, I also don’t want to put too many restrictions on video authors, just provide a link to me in the video description (my posting page or a link to the file is fine).

Then there’s the fact that almost no one on the Chinese side of my home will listen to my advice, they’ll just upload my files themselves where they’re more likely to be censored and deleted and then solicit their own fanbase. (Who cares about authors, right?)

能不能别我刚打开QQ就给我整这么刺激的,降压药顶不住 🙃

— FooBarz076 🦊 (@barz076) July 8, 2023

What follows is a steady stream of these joke scenarios that ask for access to the work in the presence of the author. 🙃

速效救心丸都要扛不住了 🙃

— FooBarz076 🦊 (@barz076) July 27, 2023

As well as the all-too-common thing of starting an attack because of a difference of opinion. 🤔

So every time something like this came up that I cared so much about, I would get depressed for so long that it indirectly affected the progress. Even considered just giving up on continuing the production, that sort of thing.
On a slightly lighter note, I’ve also considered whether to remove the Chinese text (although I need to present it to you in English with a Chinese text translation), or add more elements that are perhaps politically relevant. (Sometimes a ROC flag 🇹🇼 for presenting Traditional Chinese is enough, right?)

Since the whining and apologizing is over for now, I’ll wrap things up here with a graphic you’ll probably see in the next update 🙂