GreatRinChan Updates and Insights #202309

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The world was ruined and here was nothing left.

Or another, more normal-sounding statement, development about The Great Rin Chan’s World Advanture has terminated.

I’m sorry to break my promise that I will publish next update once I have translated it. Since I haven’t put any effort into that at all lately. And the plural frustrating factors that have been stacking up have resulted in the current mess. Even if many of the reasons have nothing to do with my international friends. Sorry for that.

Since the previous posts have already mentioned about the reasons why I made this farce and what difficulties I encountered in between that are considered a rift for a loser like me, I won’t waste your eyes repeating it again. As for why this has come so slowly (and why I delayed for three years before finally deciding to give it all up), I think it’s for a couple of reasons.

  • It’s true that my health is deteriorating. While I’ve said that finishing this game was the one thing keeping this life from dying, it looks like it’s going to be gone.
  • I probably chose the wrong direction from the start. Like trying to remain compassionate to everything after having such disparate power or something. Or spend all your energy in some off-the-wall direction, like supporting different operating systems or languages. Often it’s not as attractive as others who add a few more explicit background images to the game. (It’s only human ……)
  • As well as running into some technical issues and my stubbornness in not allowing me to release it without meeting some of my own needs. The most recent case was when I got stuck for a long time insisting on combining the actions of two other excellent games.
  • There’s been no one to work with me further, so I’m going to have to spend more time on some of the areas I’m not good at (like mapping and designing the overall plot, etc.). Of course the fact that I haven’t been more proactive in asking for help is part of the reason.
  • It’s been two years since I’ve felt like I haven’t received that much useful feedback. I only remember getting a couple bug reports, as well as having a number of friends who have been helping me with testing. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been advertising it out any harder.
  • There are other recent events that appeal to me more, like playing CHUNITHM 🙂

As well as what I hadn’t thought about is that almost every aspect that can frustrate me comes from the side of the people I speak a language with …

  • Even if I’m not a gamer who enjoys watching gameplay flow videos and a writer who wants more people to experience (rather than watch other people experience) my work directly, I also don’t want to put too many restrictions on video authors, just provide a link to me in the video description (my posting page or a link to the file is fine).
    Then there’s the fact that almost no one on the Chinese side of my home will listen to my advice, they’ll just upload my files themselves where they’re more likely to be censored and deleted and then solicit their own fanbase. (Who cares about authors, right?)
    So even less people knew who the author was, and could I expect any feedback from them? (Anyway, my poor work has no erotic elements and isn’t fun at all, so I can’t blame it on no one noticing)
  • As well as the all-too-common thing of starting an attack because of a difference of opinion. 🤔 Sometimes it’s a message or a reply post I send out, or just a quote from a book. And I obviously don’t have the time or energy to speculate on what words might hurt their fragile “national feelings”.
  • While I received a couple more today. I still find it hard to understand how they can speak so much in line with values when they are already blocked by the Chinese Communist Party they love.
    You can’t expect to get any constructive analysis or emotional comfort or anything from your compatriots either, they’d be lucky if they didn’t all come together and call you deserving.
  • So every time something like this came up that I cared so much about, I would get depressed for so long that it indirectly affected the progress. Even considered just giving up on continuing the production, that sort of thing. Until today when I finally couldn’t hold out any longer, that is.

But none of this is absolute yet until I willfully or accidentally delete the source code and sketches from my computer one day. It’s just not in my realm of predictability whether this will go as planned or if accidents will be frequent.

So I’m still looking forward to the day I can finish it and show it to everyone, or the day I’m buried in the ground.

Even with all of this happening, the set of pictures I announced earlier will still be published sometime later. Regarding what to publish in the future, that’s all I can say because I haven’t planned it.

At last, I dedicate my sincere thanks to those who have supported me currently and in the past.

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